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At Arca Properties, we are passionate about high-standard accommodation that provides a perfect rental experience with every visit. Have a look below at how Arca’s success story took shape and why we are a trusted short-term rental partner.

The Arca success story

Find out below what makes us a top rental partner.

Going beyond the expected

Arca is so much more than just a property management company. Based in Luxembourg, we have created bespoke short-term rental solutions shaped around the needs of modern travellers who deserve nothing but the best!

As the intermediaries between the owner and the tenant, we provide professional contact at all times, ensuring no misunderstandings, risks, or challenges with language barriers. Our guest's comfort is our priority, and we take exceptional care to ensure every moment of their stay is easy and satisfying.

Multiple property profile

With our background of hosting hundreds of properties and managing thousands of bookings yearly, Arca Properties has all the expertise needed to give you a seamless experience – from booking until the end of your stay with us.

Our tech-driven approach adds an extra layer of convenience to every guest visit, as we know how important privacy can be for our guests. Our exceptional, easy-to-use digital guides for each property ensure a seamless experience of how our tenants enjoy their stay with Arca.

Choose a dedicated rental partner

With Arca Properties in your corner, you can be assured of having a dedicated rental partner next to your side. Whether you are interested in renting your property via Arca, are planning your next stay, or want to come on board as a partner, we will ensure that you get the bespoke service you are looking for.

No more waiting for a property manager to reply to an important request – with Arca, you receive a reliable service within the shortest timeframe. We are dedicated to providing an optimal service to our clients and partners - bringing the best of high-end hospitality within your reach.

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Meet the founders of Arca

Have a look below at the passionate team behind Arca properties’ success story.

Matheus Sequeiros

Co-Founder & Head of Real Estate

Giacomo Trenz

Co-Founder & General Manager

Bansuk Kim

Co-Founder & Chief of Strategy

Our changemakers

Meet some of our dynamic contributors across our different teams worldwide

Catarina Gomes

Customer Experience Lead

Paulo Bueno

Accounting Officer

Eliot Wozniak

Property Manager

Catarina Corujo

Social Media Coordinator

Vincent (Viny)

Chief of Hapiness

Anoushka Chawla

Listings Manager

Sanel Melic

Maintenance Supervisor

Sonya Baroni

Sales Assistant

Pippa Wilson

Head of Procurement

Vlad Artiukh

Process Automation Specialist

Benito Florio

Database Specialist

Maried Mora

Customer Experience Agent

Renato Ruskan

Frontend Developer

Simone Costa

Market Researcher

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